The Morrell Method to Determine the Efficiency of Industrial Grinding Circuits

The guideline reviews the data required for analysis including hardness characterization data generated from the SMC Test® and the Bond Ball Mill Test Work Index, and the Morrell equations and their applications. This guideline is intended for those looking for a detailed breakdown of the Morrell method and equations.

The Morrell method can be applied for the design and optimization of comminution circuits consisting of two key parts; the power draw modelling of equipment and using ore properties to assess the circuit specific energy.

In context to this guideline, the Morrell method is used to predict specific energy of comminution circuits using a combination of various equipment noted throughout the guideline.

Although the Morrell method is mostly used in comminution circuit design in greenfield projects, this document provides guidance to use the method to assess the energy utilization efficiency of existing circuits. Overall, this methodology is the comparison of measured and modeled values to determine the efficiency


Mineral Processing Working Group