Recommended Best Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining – 2nd Edition

This guideline outlines the recommended practices for using battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in an underground mining environment. It is structured as a specification and can be included in mining companies’ tender documents to mining vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It can also serve as a blueprint path forward for OEM research and development efforts. This edition adds a section on operations covering topics such as requirements for emergency response, maintenance, and operator training. It also introduces new material to help those creating a business case for BEVs. The new version also expands the existing charging section to reflect recent technological developments, adds considerations for extreme environments, and provides further discussion on e-stops, master disconnects, and use of dynamic braking. 

This guideline was produced by the Underground Mining Working Group in partnership with CMIC (the Canada Mining Innovation Council). Version 3 is now being developed under the Electric Mine Working Group.