Rethinking Mine Design in Underground Mining Workshop

Changes in mine design are challenging to execute because mine design is integrated into the type of equipment being used. Currently, a lot of underground mine designs are based on technology that has not fundamentally changed in years. But mines have become larger, some of them have become electric, and for future mines, they are going even deeper. There is a call for thinking of new ways to design for those deeper depths and for better optimization of new technologies.

A GMG white paper would focus specifically on key topics and considerations related to mine design in underground mining. It is also a chance to map out what is already being done in terms of innovation.

Key Topics and Considerations

The scope of this white paper is still to be confirmed, but potential topics it could cover include:

· Mine layout and infrastructure, automation, electric mines, change management, fleet management, ground support

· How mine designs change in relation to the type of equipment used

· Challenges mining companies are trying to solve with new technology

· Aspects of mine design that are specific to underground mining

· How underground mining processes evolve because of automation and the use of autonomous systems

What could be done differently to make mining better?

Workshop participants will discuss established practices in underground mine design – why things are being done the way they are, mine design requirements, where limitations are and where there is opportunity for change that advanced technologies could enable.

Thank you to NORCAT for hosting this workshop!



1545 Maley Drive, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, P3A 4R7


May 29, 2023
8:30 am – 12:00 pm EST