Rethinking Mine Design Workshop

Published: January 20,2024

While the methods of mining have evolved, the traditional philosophy and approach to underground mine design remains the same: How can we maximize profit for the least amount of upfront cost? And what can we do today with current resources we have to achieve this goal?

Therein lies the fundamental flaw. Mining is an ever evolving industry and the practices that work today may be obsolete tomorrow. When building a mine that has a 30, 50, or 100 year lifespan, and designing it without taking this into account, you are left restricted and without room for adaptation should a better methodology come along. We must plan for the future today.

This paradigm shift can only happen with the support and investment from the top. We know that in the end, it is the executives who are responsible for making a new framework possible and we know that without their leadership, this is a losing battle.

GMG volunteers have expressed a need for a white paper to challenge exactly this. To show and to prove to the executives, mine designers and the overall industry that whether the final outcome is increased throughput, improved cost per tonne, or reduced waste, a wide range of benefits can emerge from the unshackled development of underground mine design.

By setting aside dollars for de-risking, by enabling change and allowing room for new ideas and solutions, not only can we enhance the current way of doing things, but more importantly – mines can increase their profit, efficiency, and bottom line while being at the forefront of innovation.

About the workshop

At this workshop, participants will collaborate on use cases to demonstrate the impact that is possible from a shift in the approach to mine design, and develop a framework to outline the various roles, influences and requirements that contribute to mine design and the ability to innovate.

March 7, 2024

8-10 AM CET | 9-11 AM SAST | 10 AM – 12 PM AST | 3-5 PM AWST | 5-7 PM AEST


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