Short Interval Control Monitoring Improves Mine Planning in Large-Scale Open-Pit Operation

Published: August 23,2023


Executive Summary

TIMining and a large-scale open-pit mining operation worked together for 60 consecutive weeks to identify the level of correlation between the short interval control (SIC) methodology, a monitoring digital twin technology, and a process indicator.

The results were evaluated and compared in terms of compliance with the mine plan, considering the use of the TIMining Aware technology for monitoring SIC of operational activities.

With the implementation of SIC and the support of TIMining Aware technology, a pathway to more accurate and efficient planning was enabled, facilitating informed and real-time decision-making. This combination offers a comprehensive and advanced approach for the mining industry, significantly improving operational management and achieving mine plan objectives.


The mining industry faces significant challenges in short-term planning to ensure the quantity and quality of materials required for downstream processes. Specifically in open-pit mining, operational processes are supported by various technologies, sensors, systems, equipment, and personnel, which can lead to silos that hinder a comprehensive view of parameter changes and coordination in decision-making due to the level of information managed by each actor.

The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate the potential for improving compliance with the mine plan through the incorporation of technologies and new monitoring practices in daily operations. This would streamline the process of analyzing deviations and process alerts, facilitating decision-making supported by reliable and accessible information.

In this study, different cases of operational practices that could be improved have been evaluated.
These include:

▪ Proper positioning of hauling and loading equipment
▪ Adherence to planned speeds on transport routes
▪ Transfers of loading equipment from areas not fully completed
▪ Human coordination challenges in the new reality of hybrid work post-pandemic

These areas show a high potential for improvement, which could critically impact the common objective of fulfilling the mine plan.

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