Join our Short Interval Control Guideline Project

Call for Participation: We are looking for volunteers to join our Short Interval Control Guideline project. Have your say and contribute to a roadmap that will facilitate planning and impact the industry for years to come.

Why Short Interval Control?

Enabling the adoption of Short Interval Control (SIC) will give the industry the required processes to optimize shift time and use of assets in underground mines. This will allow for better planning, quicker decisions, increased production and lower costs.

Project Description

SIC is a process that allows mining supervisors to better manage tasks throughout a single shift, enabling real-time feedback on completed and outstanding work.

The goal is to create a roadmap outlining possible paths from an “analog” mine to a digital mine which uses short interval control and real-time control, while avoiding common pitfalls. It will pave the way for an introduction to newer, more efficient technologies.

The guideline will include descriptive visions of what SIC may look like in a mine and will include a map of the entire mining system. It will outline the potential problems that are associated with SIC and help provide effective and accurate solutions, such as the creation of common terminology. Changes in roles for workers and how to integrate new processes into the work cycle will also be addressed.

The content for the guideline will be divided into the following six sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Case
  3. Methodology
  4. Data Enablement
  5. Risks & Critical Success Factors
  6. Use Cases

There are volunteers working on each section and we are looking for your support. Groups will be meeting via conference call every 2-3 weeks.

Contact Jennifer Curran at for more information or to join the team.