Small Vehicle Automation in Underground Mining Workshop

Published: January 24,2024

As the adoption of autonomous systems in mining advances, small autonomous equipment is growing more affordable and accessible. These technologies can be an option for different types of operations (e.g., quarries, small-scale mining operations, underground mining, or auxiliary and support equipment at larger operations). There is a growing diversity in vendors for smaller equipment, which presents both opportunities and challenges.

About the project

Recently, the project was divided into surface and underground segments. The surface component primarily focuses on the benefits of small haul vehicles (100 tonnes or less), while the underground section focuses on various types of equipment.

At the workshop

During the upcoming workshop, participants will dig in to key considerations around introducing small vehicles to underground operations.

March 19, 2024

8-10 AM GMT | 9-11 AM CET | 10 AM -12 PM SAST | 11 AM -1 PM AST | 4-6 PM AWST | 6-8 PM AEST


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