Small Vehicle Automation – Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is holding a workshop on Small Vehicle Automation in Mining. This workshop is for those with knowledge and expertise in small vehicle automation to review the current content of the white paper for accuracy and determine content that needs to be added to move the white paper towards a final draft. Learn more about the project here.

Purpose of the Workshop

To help develop and publish a collaborative white paper that can help the industry move forward in the space of small sized autonomous vehicles by providing common considerations and increasing awareness of challenges and opportunities that are specific to them and their use in the industry.

About the White Paper

As the adoption of autonomous systems in mining advances, small autonomous vehicles are becoming more affordable and accessible. These technologies can be an option for different types of operations (e.g., quarries, small-scale mining operations) that do not use large-scale mining equipment, and can also be an entry point for operations that are not yet ready for large-scale automation. There is also a growing diversity in vendors for smaller autonomous vehicles, which presents both opportunities and challenges. 

To enable the successful adoption of these systems, there is a need for better understanding and awareness of the unique best practices and risks associated with them, which the content of the white paper will provide. 

The white paper will also outline potential options that can help stimulate collaboration to increase real efficiency and enable further development, implementation, and adoption. 

This white paper will be published by October 2023.


Virtual Event


July 6, 2023

5-7 pm PDT

8-10 pm EDT/CLT

8-10 am AWST+1

10-12 pm AEST+1