Input from our Booth at the SME Conference

While we were at the SME conference in February, we held a mini-workshop where we asked people who visited our booth for their input on some key questions.

1. Innovation drivers

We wanted to know what drives innovation. It turns out that people, processes, information, information, and specific challenges all interact to drive innovation.


2. Most important and relevant topic

Before we launch a working group or project, we ensure that it reflects a real industry need. We floated a few topics around. Following the tragic tailings dam accident in Brazil in January, it is no surprise that tailings management is an industry priority. Cyber resiliency is also a topic of interest.

3. Key artificial intelligence use cases

The Foundations for AI in Mining project is developing a library of use cases to illustrate key concepts, demonstrate what is possible and inspire the industry. Several use cases are now under development. See a use case below that you would like to help write, or do you have more ideas? Contact Program Manager David Sanguinetti,

4. Most importantly….favourite drink!