Sustainability Working Group

Note that these documents capture some key discussions among a small cross-section of industry participants during workshops held by GMG. They are intended to be some of many inputs into the working group and is not intended as industry guidance or a formal report.

Workshop Outcomes

2022-08-16 Decarbonization Perth Workshop Outcomes
Participants discussed priority topics, along with the associated challenges/requirements, and next steps to address them. The priority topics discussed included:

  • Emission tracking, measurement, and monitoring
  • Mine design and planning for efficient tramming and haulage routes
  • How wide do we define the carbon value chain?
  • Effective mine planning and design to leverage infrastructure investments for maximum value

2022-08-18 Skills and Culture Breakout Session Perth Outcomes
Participants discussed priority skills and culture topics, along with the associated challenges, what worked and didn’t, and how they could be addressed in the next 6 months. The priority topics discussed included the image of mining and attracting talent and skills retention. Both topics are closely related to each other were discussed together.

2022-09-28 Decarbonization Priorities Workshop
During the decarbonization workshop held on September 28, 2022, participants discussed priority topics, challenges and requirements, and next steps. The key next steps discussed included:

  • Map the various design guides required (i.e., greenfield, brownfield, surface, underground) while considering the macro and micro conditions for the mines to enable strategic assessment
  • Develop guidelines based on each design
  • Feedback loop and update with a versioning system