System Safety for Autonomous Mining Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is hosting a workshop on System Safety for Autonomous Mining. This workshop is for subject matter experts to contribute to development of content for the guideline. Find out more about the project here.

About the Guideline 

A system safety approach provides an overview of the overall effectiveness of the safety controls that extends beyond the machines and can be a useful qualitative tool for operations when assessing the overall safety of their systems. This type of systems approach is especially important as highly autonomous and highly integrated solutions evolve. Because of this, the System Safety for Autonomous Mining white paper was published in 2021 and is being updated now that the industry is becoming more advanced. The new guideline aims to provide more complete guidance for applying system safety to autonomous mining systems.

About the Workshop

To collaborate with subject matter experts to discuss currently identified content that exists in the white paper and identify content that needs to be updated and/or added to the new guideline and move toward a clear understanding of required content. 


Virtual Event


May 23, 2023