Talking transformation with Accenture’s Liv Carroll

Published: January 23,2019

Liv Carroll, Senior Principal with Accenture’s Global Mining Practice focused on Transformation in Mining and Analytics, is a geologist who has spent 17 years in consulting and due diligence, taking on various roles in many mining contexts. She has witnessed how technology has transformed how people work. Workplace demographics are changing, she explains, “with intelligence being sourced from both human and machine and many traditional roles shifting.”

While technologies have been transforming industry practices for several years, Carroll says, the industry is now realizing “the potential when we work as an ecosystem and bridge the traditional discipline silos in mining operations and corporate functions.” Over the past two years, Accenture has been working to accelerate these changes. The company has found that to capture value and increase operational sustainability, “enabling the workforce to evolve, and continue evolving, is critical.”

Carroll has recently completed an executive course at the London School of Economics that covered behavioural science and enabling effective decision-making.  “When reshaping the way in which people need to think through their day to day activities,” she says, these topics are essential because “we are, after all, human.”

You can hear Carroll speak about key drivers and key technologies that are becoming essential to operating productively and sustainably, including integrated platforms and artificial intelligence at our Luleå Forum on March 27-28.

Accenture is a GMG Leadership Member, and Carroll is an active GMG volunteer. GMG events are, she says, “an excellent opportunity to present our thinking and be the change the industry needs.”

Find out more about the event and other speakers here.

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