GMG Team Andrea Nichiporuk

Andrea Nichiporuk

It was love at first sight. Hands furiously filling a wall with multicoloured Post-It notes in an effort to identify a problem and plan how to tackle it – [swoon!] Andrea knew she’d found her perfect match.

For more than 20 years Andrea has worked in communications and publications in the mining industry. She joined the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) in 1998, rising through the ranks to the final position of Communications Manager. During her time with CIM she got to work on her dream project: launching a magazine. After 18 months of 14- to 16-hour hour days, working 7 days a week, CIM Magazine was born. It was the world’s greatest arts & crafts project! In July 2018 she joined GMG as Communications Manager.

When she’s not engaging with some of the nicest and funniest people in the most amazing industry, she’s listening to ’90s tunes and eating smores around the campfire looking up at the twinkly night sky.

She hopes to one day fulfill her dream of seeing, in person, a bucketwheel excavator in action. If anyone knows a guy who can make that happen, please call me.