Carolyn Hersey

Carolyn joined the GMG Team in 2018, mainly because she loved to transcribe Post-it notes! She is continually growing and evolving under GMG’s wing, and has entered the workforce again after her role as stay-at-home mother to three young boys for the past 9 years. GMG has provided the training, leadership and teamwork to allow her to develop and explore her role as Communications Support.

Carolyn has attended Dawson College for both Illustration & Design and Professional Photography. She’s a freelance writer and illustrator, art gallery manager, and has previously done work for CIM Magazine. She enjoys volunteering within her community, spending time with family, and binge drinking sugar-laden coffee.

She brings to the table a sense of chaotic creativity, a thorough knowledge of full moon rituals, and an avid eye for proofreading (as she enjoys pointing out the mistakes of others, muwahahaha!)

The more she learns about GMG’s cause, the more dedicated she becomes. From the jewelry we wear to the cars we drive, from the electricity we use to the screen you’re reading, from one end of the spectrum to another, mining touches us all. Making this industry more safe is a critical cause to get behind!