Cintia Díaz

Cintia joined GMG in the spring of 2021, after migrating from Argentina to Canada in the middle of the pandemic (yes, it was a brave leap of faith). From the stunning “Land of Fire” on the southernmost part of Argentina and Mendoza’s wine regions to her new Canadian home, Cintia is a true explorer, risk-taker, and trail blazer who has taken on some exciting great challenges with this amazing new job in an industry plenty of unparalleled opportunities across the five continents!

By some quirk of fate, Cintia started her career in the mining industry almost nine years ago after graduating from University in Argentina. As a Communicator, Translator, and Interpreter working on site (yes, underground!) with some of the globe´s largest mining companies, she has a thorough and first-hand understanding of the industry and the processes involved (from blasting to mineral processing) and, more importantly, she knows how to successfully communicate with key strategic partners across the mining market to support international business operations and engage customers globally. On top of that, she is a bolter and scoop operator and an underground explorer!!

Cintia holds a Bachelor´s degree in English and Spanish Linguistics and a Postgraduate Program in Digital Communications Management. However, she likes to define herself as a lifelong logophile: she loves playing with language, hearing words, and linking them with other sounds, other meanings, and other words, which has given her the opportunity to master the art of communication. Apart from loving words, Cintia loves spending time outdoors, reading, travelling, cooking Argentine food, meeting new friends, and exploring Canada!

Being part of GMG will give her a mix of challenge and opportunity to play her part in shaping the future of mining!