Heidi Niven

Heidi joined GMG in the Fall of 2020 right as the pandemic hit its much hyped second wave. Having studied at Concordia University in Art History and recently coming from the education sector, Heidi brings her organizational skills, numerous to do lists and an all-around love of office supplies to her work as a Project Coordinator. You will often find her computer camera on, but with a filter or background to distract from the messy hair or the sun’s reflection off her almost translucent skin.

Although a self-described homebody, Heidi has a strong sense of wanderlust and has many traveling stories from Scotland, Tanzania, England, Zambia and Switzerland among other places in her arsenal. Countries still on her bucket list include Uganda, Egypt, Australia, South Africa, Germany, and Costa Rica. She owns the title of ‘’cool aunt’’ to three nephews and one niece and often goes for weekend road trips to visit extended family in Ottawa.

In her time outside of GMG you can find her long distance running, online shopping for books she will not have time to read or quoting the T.V show Friends to anyone in earshot. She is a goal-oriented person who is always up for a challenge and cannot wait to see what GMG will provide in terms of growth and adventure.