Josh Pederson

Josh is a 2018 Journalism graduate from Conestoga College.  

In his spare time, he can be found expressing his love of singing and music – If you like Disney songs we can be friends. 

He also enjoys playing sports when his cardiovascular system allows for it, particularly soccer and hockey. Although he quit playing league hockey when he could no longer take waking up for 6. a.m practices and has not regretted that decision ever since. 

He is currently writing through his first novel – A dystopian thriller which he one day hopes to turn into a movieJosh has a love of the outdoors and can often be found roaming the forests near his Guelph, Ontario home. An avid traveler, Josh has spent time in France, U.K., Switzerland and Italy. He has yet to visit Asia or Australia and hopes he can visit in the near future if the COVID-19 pandemic decides it ever wants to stop ruining everyone’s life plans.