Kaya Harris-Read

Kaya began at GMG in June of 2020 following an anticlimactic mid-pandemic graduation from Glendon College’s language and linguistics program. She’s still very nerdy about the topic and will talk for way too long about allophones and adjuncts, if given the chance.

Since starting at GMG, Kaya has dived enthusiastically into the world of communications in the mining industry, while learning about everything from different batteries for electric equipment to metal accounting. She looks forward to continuing to indulge her passion for overanalyzing fonts, using too many exclamation marks in emails, and signing on for zoom calls with silly backgrounds. She feels very lucky to work alongside all the wonderful people in this industry, and looks forward to one day being able to see the people on her computer screen in-person.

During her time off, Kaya can be found working on perpetually unfinished creative writing projects, trying different gluten free snacks, buying more books despite her to-read list approaching triple digits, and blaming too many things on mercury retrograde.