Liv Carroll

Liv is a Managing Director of Accenture based out of the UK and is the EMEA Mining Lead; Global Natural Resources Lead for Data & AI; Talent Lead for the UK based team of the Intelligent Consulting Hub; and Accenture’s Global Mining Network Lead.

Liv’s mission is to work with mining companies and industry stakeholders to move practice from one of “we dig mineral out of the ground” to genuine resource stewardship, including minerals, land, water and energy. Liv believes that the mining industry can lead all industries in the direction of our greener, more sustainable and circular future, through intra- and inter-industry partnership, collaboration and innovation. In Liv’s experience, innovation is key to improving safety, sustainability, ESG and productivity, as well as to creating an exciting and healthy workplace that attracts and retains all generations of the workforce. Innovation is also necessary given the speed of and requirements for change and Liv works with clients to develop the capabilities and culture to transform through innovation at pace and scale.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the resources industries (exploration, mining, metals and quarrying), Liv works with C-suite and client teams to solve for the many challenges we face; develop new ways of working leveraging data and AI; and target operational excellence in all fields of mining. Over the past 14 years, Liv has been actively innovating, using digital tools and AI, to drive the industry towards improved and new ways of working. Her experience across mining innovation is broad and ranges from enterprise data strategy to AI-driven prospectivity analysis; AI-supported geotechnical risk mitigation; and applying machine learning to de-risk tailings management.

Liv’s previous experience includes technical and advisory roles with engineering and environmental consulting companies providing services to listed and private mineral explorers; mineral operators; private equity firms; debt financiers; and government bodies.  Her skills include corporate strategy development; project portfolio optimisation and management; and assessment for strategic supply of mineral. Liv’s experience is supported by an MSc in Mineral Project Appraisal from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College; a BSc (Hons) in Geology from Durham University; and an Executive Course in Behavioural Science and Decision Making from London School of Economics & Political Science.

Liv is passionate about inclusion and diversity and is dedicated to building a welcoming and thriving mining community where everyone can feel that they belong and their work is purposeful. Liv has represented Accenture on the Leadership Advisory Board of GMG since 2017; was a member of the Governance Committee for two years; and has been a Director on the Board of GMG since 2022. She was involved in the development of the short interval control guideline and has contributed to several GMG working groups, including AI in Mining and Autonomous Operations. Liv also previously sat on the Camborne School of Mines Industry Advisory Board and is an active participant in the Association of the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College.

Liv was the convenor of the London Mining Sundowner, the UK’s largest mining industry monthly networking event from 2007 to 2022; is a former member of PERC (Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee); a former Trustee, Council Member and Professional Secretary of the Geological Society; and continues to scrutineer for Chartership