Matt Robbins

Matt is an accomplished management, engineering, and project management professional within the resource sector, with specific skills in asset management, processing, maintenance, systems integration, surface infrastructure and rail operations. He has demonstrated leadership in transformational change, technical management, continuous improvement, quality and logistics and health and safety.

Matt has held senior management positions on Australian mine sites over the last ten years with experience in open cut, surface, and underground operations. He now holds the position of Operations Performance Capability Lead for Aurecon’s Asset Management and Performance division.

Areas of Expertise

Operational Excellence

Design, implement and sustain operational systems through the deployment of transformational programs and change management methodology. Ensuring regulatory compliance in safety and environment fields with proactive systems management. Leveraging maximum value from operational efficiency and continuous improvement methodology are core elements promoted by Matt to achieve operational excellence.

Project Management

Proven track record in project management and leadership with operational and project teams at various processing facilities across Australia. Focus on driving project performance and execution for capital projects combined with utilisation of technology-based solutions in parallel with leadership and communication.

Asset Management

Design and support of equipment strategy initiatives, delivering the operational plan for site by maintaining the highest standards for asset health and utilisation.

Promoting a continuous improvement culture in the design and optimisation of asset condition monitoring systems and procedures.

Operations Coordination and Maintenance Management

Matt has extensive experience within all aspects of operations, maintenance, and logistics, and understands the vital importance of operational and preventative maintenance strategy. Instilling an operate for reliability culture within operations and maintenance teams has been a critical aspect of driving accountability within teams and promoting a workplace that doesn’t accept poor operational or maintenance practises.