Michael Girgis

Michael joined GMG as a technical writer and editor during the summer of 2021, just as the pandemic started to die down. He started his educational journey studying water and wastewater at Algonquin College then moving on to a broader program, Environmental Studies at Carleton University. After graduating he worked in environmental consulting focusing on environmental hazards for almost 2 years where he found his passion for writing various technical reports and providing clear content to clients. He then went back to Algonquin College to study technical writer to enhance those skills and start on a new career path.

Regardless of the weather he is always trying to be outdoors as much as possible where he is found, or not found, in random forests capturing photos of nature. Two years before the pandemic hit, Michael had a goal of traveling to a new country every year and has so far crossed off Iceland and Colombia. When he isn’t found outdoors, he is usually found reading or writing dark fiction stories or playing video games.

As a recent graduate from the technical writer program, Michael hopes to expand his technical writing and editing skills at GMG while learning about the mining industry and great advances accomplished and to come.