Patrícia Procópio

An expert in the application of technologies towards mining solutions, Patrícia Procópio has founded XRLab, which focuses in immersive and virtual experiences. With over 30 years of experience in mining, she is also the founder and president of MP Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in geotechnologies and geoinformation solutions for environmental, mining, engineering and agrobusiness. Prior to leading her own businesses, Patricia spent 17 years with Vale, where she led many innovative projects, including the implementation of their advanced decision making virtual room, the infrastructure for spatial data- GISMineral, Global Geological Database Management System-GDMS, among many others. With a PhD in geology and specialization in Geoprocessing, Procópio’s projects have been recognized internationally, including award winning projects in the: Geospatial World Excellence Awards in Amsterdam (2012),  Geospatial Latin American Excellence Award (2011), GIS Award in San Diego (2010 and 2006), MundoGeoconect and DroneShow  (2019 and 2014) and Inova Vale (2010). Procopio is also committed to making mining a more inclusive industry, and in 2019 became on of the founders and president of Women in Mining Brasil.