Rosemary Mantini

Rosemary wants to live in a world with infinite sandy beaches, balls of yarn that come bundled with chocolate, and a teleportation device that would allow her to travel anywhere, anytime. Until then, she’s parsing technical guidelines at GMG and conducting dubious bread making experiments in her kitchen.

As a writer and editor, Rosemary publishes on a variety of topics – including technology, ethnography, and environmental science – but her favourite by far is food and drink (for obvious reasons). She’s thrilled to be using her skills to help GMG grow, and learning from industry experts is the cherry on top. Rosemary holds both an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies and a BA (Honours) in Humanities from York University along with a Certificate in Digital Strategy and Communications Management from the University of Toronto.

Rosemary always tries to write an entertaining (and informative!) read.