The Doe Run Company’s Denise Callahan: Collaboration is key when integrating technology

By Chantal Hortop

In an industry that she notes is “under pressure,” Denise Callahan says mining operations must use digital technology to their advantage to stay economically viable. Integrating this technology cannot happen in a vacuum – she says that those involved in all levels of each operation play a part, and that collaboration with technology providers is also essential for success. Callahan, who is Director, Strategic Planning, PMO & Analytics at The Doe Run Company, will be presenting at next week’s GMG Tucson Forum.

Determining which technology is the best fit for the situation at hand is “about knowing what technologies are available on the market, understanding our business and listening to the operators in each area to really understand their key issues,” Callahan says. The stakeholders’ involvement does not end there – she notes that one of the biggest challenges of digital transformation is often “cultural acceptance of new and different ways of working. It is critical to engage all levels of stakeholders throughout the project, from the truck drivers to the executive team… It is also critical to maintain momentum on these projects by finding committed champions and by communicating positive results.”

Callahan says that Doe Run prioritizes finding partners that are a good fit, especially in cases where Doe Run does not have adequate internal expertise to execute some of their transformation projects. They have “chosen to work with smaller, start-up ventures as they provide the flexibility we need in regards to starting with smaller, stage-gated investments that can scale-up as value is proven.”

With her presentation, Callahan says she hopes to reach those who deal with technology at small-to-medium sized mines that are keen to move ahead with digital transformation, but may not have the means to do so. She would like them to come away with “new ideas on methods for determining ideal use cases for digital transformation; options for funding, partnerships and technology platforms; and ways to ensure a return on investment through engaging stakeholders and driving cultural change.”

Denise Callahan will be presenting “Getting Started with Digital Transformation” on Day 2 of the GMG Tucson Forum, which will be held May 22-23.


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