The Paradox of Competition and Co-operation in a Digital Age

Rapid advancement in digital technologies is creating a shift in the way companies do business.

A new paper by Swedish students, Johannes Åström and Jakob Karlelid, says the introduction of digital servitization has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping traditional value chains within and across industries, including mining.

“Within this evolving technological landscape, businesses are increasingly turning to strategic ecosystems to work together and pool their resources to acquire the necessary competencies and technologies,” they write in, Unraveling Paradoxical Tensions in Digital Servitization Ecosystems: A case study in the mining industry. “By participating in ecosystems, these companies can collectively create superior value beyond their individual capabilities.”

Åström and Karlelid are students of the Industrial Engineering and Management program, specializing in innovation and strategic business development, at Luleå University of Technology in Luleå, Sweden. With limited knowledge about the mining industry, they turned to GMG and its members for help.

“GMG’s insights have been incredibly valuable early on in shaping our understanding of the industry landscape, its current challenges and the relevant areas for further investigation,” they say.

Through interviews, Åström and Karlelid created a comprehensive overview of the key trends and obstacles within the mining sector as it navigates the complexities of digital transformation, including the paradox of competition and co-operation. They examine the most pertinent digital innovation and strategies being explored and implemented by industry today.

Read the full paper here.