Three weeks of global collaboration

These past three weeks have been jam-packed with enrichment at our forums in Adelaide, Luleå, and Johannesburg and multiple workshops. The future of collaboration, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the digital mine were key topics. Here are some highlights.

Collaboration opportunities from the GMG Luleå Forum

Participants came together on Day 2 of the Luleå forum for an interactive breakout session on aligning priorities for collaboration and ensuring value. Here are the results.

AI in Mining workshops in Adelaide, Luleå and Johannesburg

There is a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the AI in Mining project that was visible in the workshops we held in Adelaide (March 22), Luleå (March 25) and in Johannesburg (April 2).

Participants in all three workshops worked on developing a library of use cases. Four were developed in Adelaide, four in Luleå and seven in Johannesburg. Volunteers also came forward to continue working on them. Click here to view a draft of a use case for ore reconciliation and optimization systems developed at the Johannesburg workshop.

Future collaboration opportunities were also discussed in Adelaide and Luleå. Some identified are:

  • Building datasets for mining companies to use
  • Developing an implementation guideline
  • Considering how to approach generating the value of AI technologies with long-term research projects and test cases

The output from these workshops will be made available on the respective project pages on Basecamp.