Published: June 14,2024

In 2020, GMG published A Standardized Time Classification Framework for Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining. That guideline provided a classification framework for operational activity that enabled meaningful performance analysis and industry-wide comparison.

The guideline proposed a common time usage model, which is a tool that classifies activities, statuses, and events so that the operations and management personnel can understand, monitor, and manage time usage in their operation. Managing time provides a foundation for operational excellence.

This guideline will be to develop a time usage model specifically for underground mining

The objective of this project is to publish a time usage model for underground mining, covering recommendations for the consistent classification of common underground mining operational activities into standard time categories. The time usage model will be a visual representation of the recommended classification framework. Additionally, this project will include how the time usage model in underground relates to other mining processes such as short interval control, block caving, planning, etc. It will look at the full cycle of the mine as a tool for making the full mine more efficient and improve alignment in the industry on definitions across the site.

Potential considerations for the guideline include:

  • How does the time usage model underground impact short interval control and what are the relationships between the two?
  • What are the definitions that need to be considered and agreed on in the industry?
  • What processes (i.e., SIC, various mining methods such as block caving, planning, processing facilities) need to be defined as contributors for how the project is developed?
  • Looking at the full cycle as a tool for making the full mine more efficient.
  • What measurements need to be included and monitored?
  • A time usage model, which is a visual representation of the recommended classification framework identified above
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