Underground Communications Infrastructure Guideline Suite: Parts I-III

Published: June 14,2024

Underground Communications Infrastructure Guideline Suite: Parts I

Underground Communications Infrastructure Guideline Suite: Parts II

Underground Communications Infrastructure Guideline Suite: Parts III


These guidelines are a three-part suite which aims to provide a high-level overview of the processes needed by mine personnel to meet planning and design requirements when creating or replacing underground mine communication infrastructure:

Part I Positioning and Needs Analysis (2017) provides a general overview of the guideline objectives, audience, and a mine communications maturity lifecycle diagram.

Part II Scenarios and Applications (2017) provides scenarios of practical applications in underground mining (e.g., applications for autonomous, semi-autonomous, and remote-control equipment and wireless sensors and communications networks).

Part III General Guidelines (2019) is the core content of the guideline suite, providing the reader with an overview of the planning and design recommendations for underground communications development, some of the best practices used within mining environments, and where to find more information regarding digital communications, standards, and frameworks.


This guideline revision is in the content generation stage, and there are collaboration opportunities in writing, reviewing, and revising. We are looking for:
  • participants to contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts
  • members to join the steering committee to lead the project

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Underground Communications Infrastructure Part I: Positioning and Needs Analysis

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Underground Communications Infrastructure Part II: Scenarios and Applications

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Underground Communications Infrastructure Part III: General Guidance

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