Underground Communications Infrastructure Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is hosting a workshop about Underground Communications Infrastructure. This workshop is for subject matter experts to provide expertise review and recommend content for the revised guidelines. Find out more about this project here.  
About the Guideline Suite 
The purpose of the project is to update the original suite of guidelines (Positioning and Needs Analysis and Scenarios and Applications, published in 2017, and General Guidelines, published in 2019) to reflect continuous technological advancement and the growing needs of the mining industry. These guidelines are a three-part suite which aims to provide a high-level overview of the processes needed by mine personnel to meet planning and design requirements when creating or replacing underground mine communication infrastructure. 
About the Workshop 
With the guideline suite update in the review stage, this workshop provides the opportunity for experts to collaborate on the content of these guidelines with the purpose of drafting a cohesive guideline that can serve as a tool for mining companies as they implement or upgrade their underground communications systems.  


Online Event


July 11, 2023