Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure Workshop

Published: June 04,2024

The purpose of the Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure guideline is to provide current best practices for designing underground mine communications, highlighting potential challenges, key decisions and typical solutions. While not intended to be comprehensive, this document should provide a basic understanding of the lifecycle of underground communication system design, implementation, maintenance, and refresh.

In order to complete the guideline draft by July, we’re holding workshops to finalize specific sections. We are looking for subject matter experts specific to section 6 – Installation and Commissioning.

About the section

Installation and commission have varying characteristics and consideration based on if the selected communications infrastructure is Wi-Fi or LTE. Regardless of which is selected, the backbone is an overarching consideration.

Currently the guideline’s content around installing and commissioning is primarily around LTE; however we require input around the Backbone and Wi-Fi.

June 4, 2024

7-9 AM EDT | 10-12 PM CLST | 2-4 PM BST | 3-5 PM CEST

Location: Virtual

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