Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure Workshop

Published: January 20,2024

Underground mining operations have an opportunity to make use of a vast range of new technologies, driven by the rapid development and deployment of increasingly effective communication networks to provide the connectivity requirements for the digitalized mine environment. The ability for people and technology to be able to effectively communicate across the underground network is pivotal. Integrating a communications infrastructure, particularly one which has safety in mind, is crucial to protect the well-being of mine personnel and to ensure the smooth operation of the mine.

About the project

This guideline was first published as a suite in 2019 as a comprehensive resource for mining professionals, guiding them through the critical tasks and components necessary to define the technical prerequisites for an underground communications infrastructure that not only supports current mine services but also anticipates future requirements. The new version under development takes into consideration technological advancements and the increasing knowledge base in industry, and will restructure the guideline to focus more on the requirements and considerations for the selection, implementation, and lifecycle of communications infrastructure underground.

About the workshop

Workshop participants will share their knowledge and experience with each other through collaborative work to develop the guidance and considerations to be included in the guideline.

January 31, 2024

8-10 AM EST | 10 AM -12 PM CLST | 1-3 PM GMT | 2-4 PM CET | 3-5 PM SAST


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