Underground Mining Working Group

Note that these documents capture some key discussions among a small cross-section of industry participants during workshops held by GMG. They are intended to be some of many inputs into the working group and is not intended as industry guidance or a formal report.

Workshop Outcomes

2022-08-09 Defining Requirements for Implementing Autonomous Systems Underground
The overall outcome of this workshop indicates some minor considerations only, concentrated in the Operational Readiness and Deployment section. 

2022-08-16 and 2022-08-18 Guideline Review – Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure Workshop Outcomes
Participants completed a review of the Underground Communications Infrastructure Guideline suite, including Parts I-III. Participants of the working sessions included those with knowledge and expertise who assessed the content of these guidelines to provide feedback for the upcoming revisions. 

Some of the key themes that were noted throughout includes:  

  • Addition of advances in technology (e.g., 4G/LTE, 5G) 
  • Addition of more up to date case studies 
  • Rework of ideal network topology models for underground mines sections  

2022-09-01 Outcomes_Underground Mining Prioritization Workshop
Participants discussed priority focus areas. Some of the key points discussed included:

  • Autonomous mining and electrification
  • Technologies and communication
  • Training and leveraging from other industries

2022-09-08 Underground Mining Prioritization Workshop
Participants discussed and identified priority focus areas and developing an existing plan based on those priority areas. In those plans they pinpointed the key challenges and opportunities and mapped out initial actions to move forward. Some of the main priority focus areas discussed included:

  • Sharing best practices for quick wins
  • Training personnel and workforce challenges
  • Technology adoption to help with decarbonization initiatives and efficiency