GMG Webinar – Building Cyber Resilience in Mining and Metals

In partnership with MM-ISAC

Cyber Resilient Innovation – Building Cyber Resilience in Mining and Metals, Rob Labbé, CEO & CISO in Residence, MM-ISAC

With the increased use of technology in mining, It is important for all areas of the business to prioritize resiliency.  Rob Labbe, CISO-in-Residence of MM-ISAC will discuss the importance of cyber resiliency and give some guidance on how organizations of all sizes can shift from cyber security to cyber resilience.

October 30, 2023

8pm-9pm EDT
(6PM MDT | 9PM CLST | 12PM UTC | 8AM AWST+1 | 10AM AEST+1)


About the Presenter:                  

Rob Labbé, CEO and CISO in Residence | MM-ISAC

Rob Labbé is an accomplished senior executive with more than 20 years of success across the IT security industry, within mining, software development, telecommunications, retail, oil & gas, manufacturing and healthcare. Leveraging extensive experience in cyber security risk management and critical infrastructure, he is a valuable advisor for an organization that is concerned around the security of their manufacturing or industrial networks, needing to enable a digital transformation.

Rob’s broad areas of expertise include risk management, building diverse cyber security teams, vendor management, training, and professional development. Throughout his executive career, Rob has held leadership positions with Microsoft, Fidelis IT inc. and Teck Resources Limited, and is currently CEO and CISO in Residence of the Mining and Metals Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MM-ISAC).