What does the future of the mining workplace look like?

COVID-19 has changed the mining reality forever, as we now need to adapt to virtual teams, new safety measures and changes in our business model and strategy. On March 24th, GMG facilitated an interactive online event on ‘The Future of Workplace’ to understand the future state of the workplace while looking into different scenarios. Here’s a summary of what they thought would be key changes to the work environment, business processes and technology transformation. Join the upcoming workshop to continue outlining the future of the mining workplace on June 9. Click to register!

Workforce & Work Environment
Virtual and remote environments using advanced communication tools will become part of our day-to-day process, similar to what we’re currently experiencing. The workplace will become more diverse and inclusive, with an important focus on employee well-being and work/life balance. Due to this new way of working – lack of human interaction and different employment opportunities –  the mining industry will require a different set of leadership skills.

The Business & Its Processes
With this new way of working, the business is more likely to change from a hierarchical structure into a more flat or organic business structure – similar to other organizations in the Fortune 500. Moving into more sustainable and community-driven mine operations is definitely key to meeting social demands and new investors. As there will be a rapid change in adopting new technologies; such as autonomous equipment, AI, virtual reality, etc., there will be an increased need to train and upskill employees who can potentially show resistance to change.

Artificial intelligence, open data, human-machine interfaces and autonomous operations are rapidly becoming part of our business strategy or are already implemented in our day-to-day operations. As a result, there will be greater connectivity, system and tool integration and real-time collaboration. Nevertheless, it raises concerns when it comes to privacy, cyber attacks and data ownership.