Working Group Steering Committees

Nominations are being accepted for the following working groups: Sustainability and Data / Integration. There will be between 8 and 12 positions available for each working group.


  • Working Group Steering Committees comprise up to 12 GMG members
  • Only GMG members can sit on a Working Group Steering Committee



The Working Group Steering Committees make sure that Working Groups empower the industry by defining a strategy, launching projects, and motivating and educating the broader participants. The group will review the project pipeline, set priorities, monitor progress, and ensure high quality outputs.

The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Defining the Working Group’s strategy to reflect member and industry priorities
  • Reviewing and approving drafts of project proposals and launch projects
  • Providing guidance and assistance for projects and initiatives when needed
  • Monitoring quality, timelines, and potential risks for initiatives and projects
  • Acting as an ambassador and advocate for the Working Group’s efforts
  • Addressing any disputes arising from differences in opinion
  • Guiding the focus areas for education initiatives



Seats on a Working Group Steering Committee are 2-year renewable terms, except at formation, when 50% of the participants will be on a one-year term. Continued participation will be reconfirmed at the end of each term. When there are more candidates than seats available, the Board will approve the rotation, keeping the focus on ensuring the right stakeholder representation and fairness to members. Those companies not selected to sit on the Steering Committee will be informed as to how else they can become/remain involved.


Contact  to nominate yourself or someone else.