Working Groups and Projects

At the core of GMG’s work sit Working Groups that operate as communities of interest, and Projects that serve as communities of action and work in tandem to respond to the mining industry’s needs. Both Working Groups and Projects are hubs for collaboration and knowledge sharing, as they work to share best practices, provide guidance, and develop innovative solutionsEveryone is welcome to join a GMG Working Group or Project! 

Working Groups 

Working Groups are communities of interest that come together to focus on a specific field or topic areas related to the mining industry.  


Projects emerge out of a Working Group as targeted efforts that focus on a defined topic and result in the creation of a specific output, most commonly either a guideline or a white paper. 

Project and Guideline Review Process 

GMG has established a clearly defined review and approval process to ensure that each project is launched and carried out in accordance with our governance manual, and that each guideline is produced following rigorous review, and is fully supported by our members.

Guiding the Direction 

All of GMG’s projects, initiatives and activities are member-led and the decision to establish new Working Groups and Projects emerges from needs and issues currently faced in the mining industry. Any GMG member or individual is welcome to submit a proposal for launching a new Working Group or Project. 

Find out about our current projects here:

Active Projects


OPEN PLATFORM: Everyone can participate in developing solutions, with the final outputs being freely available and accessible to everyone.

COLLABORATIVE: Everyone’s ideas and voice are equally important and valued.

INNOVATIVE: Fostering an environment that embraces the sharing of best practices and innovative ideas and solutions.

Let us know how you would like to participate!

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