Working Groups

GMG Working Groups are communities of interest focused on mining industry topics or fields. Members vote on the creation of working groups. They are formed based on industry need for advancing efforts to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, guidelines, and best practices.

Our current Working Groups are:

GMG Working Group Artificial Intelligence Robot

Enable the global mining industry to benefit from applying and utilizing AI technologies.

GMG Working Groups Asset Portfolio

To establish a set of guidelines for world class reliability practices applicable to mining and create a community of interest for sharing knowledge related to asset management in mining.

GMG Working Group Truck

Identify, support, and develop tools and knowledge to enable autonomous mining as a safe, innovative, and productive approach to mining operations.

GMG Working Groups Data

Develop a common vision for data access and usage that enables mining operations to use data effectively and efficiently.

GMG Working Group Comminution

This working group aims to assist the industry by defining methods and best practices for the mineral processing sector.

GMG Working Group Interoperability

Drive collaboration on a range of interoperability initiatives, including identifying and describing the industry-wide requirements for interoperability in mining, addressing industry challenges and developing tools for moving forward.

GMG Working Groups Underground

Provide a central place for the underground mining community to develop standards and best practices for the industry.

GMG Working Groups Battery

Key objectives include developing guidelines and sharing information on using and testing electric technologies and designing electric mines.

GMG Working Group Security

Aims to help mining stakeholders as they look to design safe, secure, reliable and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure that adheres to regulatory, trust, and privacy best practices.