Working Groups

GMG Working Groups represent major fields related to the mining industry aimed at addressing some of the industry’s most pressing issues and challenges. The purpose of Working Groups is to create communities of interest based on industry need for collaboration to advance innovation, provide guidance, and share best practices.

Any individual can submit a proposal to form a new Working Group. New Working Groups are launched by the GMG Executive Council, following consultation with GMG members and industry, the development of a landscape, and finally a vote of approval by GMG Members.

Each Working Group is governed by a Working Group Steering Committee, who determines which Projects and Activities to launch, and guides the focus areas of education initiatives for their respective Working Groups, to meet the common needs and interests of working group members.


Projects emerge out of a Working Group as targeted efforts that focus on a defined topic and result in the creation of a specific output, most commonly either a guideline or a white paper, for the benefit of the global mining community.

Working Group Activities can be used to guide the direction of the Working Group or can involve ongoing work or information collection, such Activities can include, but are not limited to the development of a Landscape, Working Group Roadmap, Working Group Classification and Prioritization Framework, and Case Study Gathering Activities.

Find out more information about which areas and topics our Working Groups are focusing on below: