GMG Projects are focused efforts that produce tangible guidance for the benefit of the global mining community. GMG members can launch and lead a project; everyone is welcome to participate.

  • Contribute your expertise in a workshop, on our online collaboration site and on teleconferences
  • Peer review draft guidelines
  • Assist in implementing guidelines
  • Share successes and challenges with using the guidelines
  • Provide case studies and use cases from your company’s experience

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Open Data Sets for AI in Mining

The project would enable the industry to test and train open data set models on a variety of applications and enable artificial intelligence in more formats. Learn more. 

Implementation of AI in Mining

The project aims to build a roadmap and foundation of adopting AI in mining. It will include an holistic approach based on proven practices to work, lessons learned, best practices and recommendations.Learn more. 

Interoperability / Data Projects

Mobile Equipment Open Data v2

The project enables the mining industry to have access to their data, and with that make better decisions, enhance their processes, conduct proper maintenance, and more. Learn more. 

Data Exchange for Mine Software

With the goal of improving 3D Data interoperability, this project group has developed the Open Mining Format (OMF), an open-source file specification to support data interchange across the entire mining community. Learn more. 

Interoperability Projects

Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap

This guideline synthesizes the input received from over 120 participating companies that represented a healthy cross-section of the international industry so as to provide a common understanding of interoperability and its principles, a shared vision for the future, and a high-level development roadmap. Learn more. 

Interoperability Landscape

The project will identify which other organizations are driving interoperability projects, so it can enable collaboration among organizations and accelerate the progress of those ongoing efforts. Learn more.

Autonomous Mining Projects

Autonomous Mining Skills Migration Case Study

The project will enable mining companies to follow lessons learned and best practices regarding skill migrations to be able to implement autonomous systems in their operations. Learn more

Implementation of Autonomous Systems V2

The project aims to provide a common resource or playbook for mining companies to implement autonomous systems by identifying its benefits and risks. Learn more. 

System Safety For Autonomous Mining

The project aims at applying a system safety approach and the benefits it can provide in delivering safe and effective autonomous systems in mining. Learn more. 

Underground Mining Projects

Location Tracking

The project aims to develop use cases and case studies for mine operators and explain the technical aspects that guide mine operators to implement practical location tracking solutions. Learn more.

Electric Mine Projects

Electric Mine Operational Knowledge Sharing

The project will enable a neutral platform for the industry to monitor, track and record electric equipment utilization. Learn more.

Battery Electric Vehicles v3

The project will enable the industry to adopt electric vehicles in their mine operations and/or enhance their current process in BEVs and battery charging. Learn more. 

Cybersecurity Projects

Vendor Security Management

Provide vendors and operators with proper guidance for remaining resilient to cybersecurity threats and enable a resilient supply chain. It will provide clear steps for vendors and operators to identify solutions to vulnerabilities in their systems, understand how the industry is connected and best practices on asset management. Learn more.

Mineral Processing Projects

Industrial Comminution Efficiency

Comminution is incredibly energy-intensive, and improving efficiency not only saves mining operations money but also reduces their ecological footprint. This working group aims to assist the industry by defining methods and best practices for the industry.