About GMG Projects

Projects serve as targeted efforts on a defined topic that produce tangible guidance, resources, and reference materials for the benefit of the global mining community, and are guided by a Project Committee.

Active Projects

Asset Management for Electrification White PaperHelp the industry understand the topic of transitioning to electric fleets, and help address the challenges associated with energy management, all from an asset management perspective.
Benchmarking Productivity & Fleet UtilizationEstablish industry-wide benchmarking to enhance normal reporting using a standard language that eliminates complexity and inconsistencies to allow the collection and sharing of data that enables enhanced mine operations and strengthens industry sustainability efforts.
Common Language for Mining TechnologyDevelop common naming conventions for the different types of mining technology across different equipment types and across different tasks and then use that language to prioritize where our efforts should be.
Data Exchange for Mine Software (Open Mining Format - OMF) - Version 2Support data interchange across software systems for geological and tropological data used across several business functions of mining operations.
Electric Mobile Equipment KPIs and Definitions GuidelineDevelop common key performance indicators (KPIs) to help enable mine operators to identify equipment performance and benchmark against other mine operations with the goal of improved electric equipment performance.
Holistic Energy Management Across the Mine SiteDevelop a guideline taking a holistic approach and looking at all the different aspects of the mine and identifying energy management strategies.
Implementation of Autonomous Systems Guideline - Version 2Provide high-level guidance, considerations and questions to ask throughout various stages of implementing autonomous systems in mining.
Implementation of Battery Electric Vehicles in Surface MiningOutline the challenges and opportunities faced by companies when implementing the transition from diesel mobile equipment in surface mining.
Rethinking Mine Design Underground White PaperHelp the industry understand common considerations and new approaches to mine designs.
System Safety for Autonomous Mining GuidelineProvide more complete guidance on applying system safety to autonomous systems in mining.
Time Usage Model for Underground Mining GuidelinePublish a time usage model for underground mining, looking at the full mine cycle as a tool for making the full mine more efficient.
Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure guideline - Part 1: Positioning and Needs Analysis Revision: Part 1 of the Guideline Suite provides a general overview of the guideline objectives, audience, and a mine communications maturity lifecycle diagram.
Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure guideline - Part 2: Scenarios and ApplicationsRevision: Part 2 of the Guideline Suite provides scenarios of practical applications in underground mining (e.g., applications for autonomous, semi-autonomous, and remote-control equipment and wireless sensors and communications networks).
Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure guideline - Part 3: General ScenariosRevision: Part 3 of the Guideline Suite is the core content of the guideline suite, providing the reader with an overview of the planning and design recommendations for underground communications development, some of the best practices used within mining environments, and where to find more information regarding digital communications, standards, and frameworks.
Zero Entry MiningOutline some of the benefits and opportunities, along with other considerations associated with zero entry mining and what it can enable for the industry.