Zero Entry Mining Workshop

Published: January 24,2024

Zero-entry mining refers to mining operations in which personnel aren’t physically present in the mining area where autonomous equipment is operating, or where limited personnel are required to enter the mine. Improvements in safety and productivity while achieving cost efficiencies have been identified from the deployment of autonomous equipment; however, this process remains hindered by challenges. This white paper project will discuss some of these challenges along with benefits, opportunities, and other considerations associated with zero entry mining, and define a framework for designing for zero entry.

At the workshop

Participants at this workshop will collaborate to outline the key criteria for designing for zero entry mining and determine the primary challenges and benefits associated.

March 20, 2024

9-11 AM EDT | 10-12 PM CLST | 1-3 PM GMT | 2-4 PM CET | 3-5 PM SAST


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